Strategy blockchain games require skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. The strategy can happen either in real-time or through turn-based gameplay. There’s a strong emphasis and strategic moves, tactical positioning and logistical challenges. In addition players need to optimize the use of their resources to overcome for example economic challenges.

We can divide strategy gaming into a four sub-genres, and often there’s some overlap between them. First of all a game uses either turn-based or real-time gameplay, with either a focus on strategy (often more based on resources, types of units etc.) or on tactics (positioning, and focus on combat).

In tactical games players often have a set amount of available characters, which need to be placed properly. Good placement will influence the way these characters can use their power during battle. However, strategy games rely much more on unit management, resource management and of course time management.

Blockchain strategy games:

  • First Look at Pulsar: SciFi MMO-RTS on Avalanche

    Pulsar is an upcoming SciFi MMO-RTS with a player-driven economy on the Avalanche Blockchain. This web3 game is being built with Unreal Engine 5 and players can count on AAA gameplay and graphics. Pulsar is the StarCraft of Web3. Players will have a base with buildings, units to fight and gather resources, and their land […]
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  • Anichess is bringing Chess to the Blockchain

    Anichess is right now being developed and will bring classical chess to the Blockchain, but with some extra features. Imagine chess, but with magical abilities and items that can turn around a match. This project is being powered by Lympo, Chess24, and the web3 gaming giant Animoca Brands. Anichess is a fresh project and not […]
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  • Heroes of Mavia Alpha Gameplay Features

    Heroes of Mavia is a base builder game that has announced the features of alpha gameplay. The newly announced features include Birds-Eye view, user interface, HQ level, key resources, base close-up, cosmetic upgrades, and more. The official alpha gameplay footage was released on October 1, 2022, which showed a glimpse of the Mavia 3D buildings, […]
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  • DragonMaster: Claim Your Airdrop Gems

    DragonMaster took a snapshot of players’ accounts on October 28th and has finalized the airdrop for their breeding gems. Players that meet the requirements can claim the gems starting October 31st. The developers made sure to add as many different requirements as possible in order to give everyone a fair shot. As of the snapshot […]
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  • Introducing Thalon, the New RTS Coming On Immutable

    Thalon is a free-to-play, RTS game set in a science-fiction setting in which players collect resources, command armies, and compete for bounty prizes. The game will feature classic elements such as factions and innovative matchmaking solutions. After all, pairing up opponents with the same skill level is the hardest component of any strategy-first shooter game. […]
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  • Fortitude Burns Extra Tower Supply

    Fortitude, a tower defense type game with Towers as NFTs, has decided to burn 99% of the extra supply of four types of their Towers. These Tower burns are designed to accommodate the fact that the current game design doesn’t require the players to own a large collection of Tower NFTs. First announced back in […]
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  • Aurory Introduces Play and Earn Rewards

    Aurory, a creature battler style game on the Solana blockchain, introduces their new play and earn system. Active players can earn weekly AURY tokens, based on their performance in the closed alpha. In Aurory, players capture and hatch creatures known as Nefties. Then, using those Nefties, they engage in battles, both against an AI opponent […]
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  • Captain Tsubasa – Rivals Blockchain Game Announced

    Captain Tsubasa – Rivals is an upcoming soccer game based on the famous manga and anime series by the same name. Backed by Animoca Brands and Developed by blockchain studio Blocksmith and Thirdverse Group, Captain Tsubasa – Rivals is a smartphone game involving NFT characters that allow players to compete in soccer battles and earn […]
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  • An Introduction to Battlestar Galactica Eternity

    Though we already learned this past summer that the secretive ‘ Project Saturn’ project from Gala Games was actually an official, Battlestar Galactica game, we didn’t have a lot of information about the game. That is still true, but now we know a little bit more! As well, this game, officially known as Battlestar Galactica […]
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  • Civitas Reveals Additional Chosen Utility

    Having already started their airdrops of Ever Crystals, the Civitas team laid out all of the planned perks and bonuses for owners of Chosen NFTs. These particular NFTs can be considered as Founder Tokens, with plenty of advantages, both in-game and out-of-game. Chosen are a selection of special character NFTs for Civitas. They consist of […]
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